Clichés 2.0: Disguises, Deceptions, and Distortions

The country boy says trust me, no self-interest here; they’re protecting inches with their royal guard while the slick steal miles; a clever distortion warns against excess — again.

The power of the herd. Unleashed - a dangerous force. Often language incites aggression and sustains it. Note the OBEY cap center foreground, the haze in the distance. Are we passively marching into a murky future, poised between somnolence and explosion, armed only with trite phrases we’ve heard a hundred times?



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Donn K. Harris

CA Arts Council Chair 2015-18; led Ruth Asawa and Oakland Schools of the Arts, 2001–16; USAF vet; father of 2; PARADIGM SHIFTER, TRUTH SEEKER